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Friday, January 11, 2008

Genetic Testing Complete

We received our package yesterday with a DVD of the 4-D ultrasound plus still pictures. Nick wasn’t impressed with the quality, so they’re doing it over. But I could see one face fairly well and hands and feet. It would probably help to have a doctor there to explain what you’re seeing. We also received the results of genetic testing and everything came back fine. Having a handicapped brother and seeing what he’s gone through in life, this is a great relief. Mostly we did the testing in order to be prepared if something was wrong. I’d hate to find out a baby had a birth defect at the actual time of birth.

As the date of birth draws nearer each day, I find myself wondering how my life will change. Sometimes I think about the logistics of it all – how will I get ready in the morning, walk the dog, change diapers, feed babies, etc.? But I'm forgetting that parents actually fall in love with their babies, these little, helpless human beings. In the beginning it’s just taking care of basic needs, but soon they’ll be able to interact with us and talk. I don’t think it’s anything I can possibly understand until it happens. There’s no need to worry or wonder. It’ll just happen and be amazing.

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