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Friday, July 17, 2009

Lazy Daze of Summer

Sorry it's been so long since an update, but I've been quite busy. I was laid off from my job last month, so we had to let the nanny go. On the positive side, I've been able to spend a lot of time with the boys. On the negative side, I've applied for over 20 jobs and not a single bite. It seems like submitting resumes is just flushing them down the toilet! I get anxious from time to time, wondering how this will all play out. I'm looking for writing/editing/communications positions, but since one of the major newspapers in our city shut down last Fall, I have a feeling the competition is fierce.

The boys are both walking, and getting into everything! I swear, I'm more tired from keeping up with them all day than if I were going to a job every day. So far they aren't talking, but this seems to be normal for boys. Twins also take longer to start talking, from what I've heard.

Tomorrow is our neighborhood garage sale, so we're getting rid of all their baby things and tons of clothes that were filling up our storage room. Then we're buying other toys at neighbors' garage sales to fill any voids we've been able to create in the house! Anything to keep their little minds occupied and challenged is a good thing. They're very smart and learning fast. For instance, they can mess up the surround sound in 10 seconds, which then takes me 10 minutes to fix. Reid has started pointing at things, like he's asking what they are. I think he's close to saying something. And then we're beginning to deal with discipline issues. They know when they do something wrong, but other than removing them from the situation, there's not much you can do. But it's great to know their development is totally normal and we have two active, healthy boys.

I'm off this evening to a happy hour to do a little networking. Apparently, networking is the only way to find a job these days. I could use the break from parenting as well.