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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Babies are Coming for a Visit (with our surrogate!)

Time for another update! Our surrogate will arrive in a week, so our babies will be in our home for the first time. She’s now in week 15, and we’ll soon find out the sexes. I’m not sure what we’ll do to entertain our surrogate, but she said she tires easily, so we’ll probably take things easy. She’ll attend a neighborhood Christmas party with us and meet all our friends and all the other kids/babies on our block.

Last week we went to Babies R Us and bought a double stroller and car seats. With so many brands and types, it can be confusing. I felt a little strange because the sales women would ignore me, assuming that I wasn’t a parent, since Nick was the first to talk to them. The store was way out in the suburbs where they’re probably not used to a “two daddies” situation. I think one of them figured it out though. I kept wondering if I should just blurt it out that we’re both the parents and wait for the reaction. Once the babies are with us, we’ll have to explain this to strangers over and over. I’m sure I’ll get used to the reactions in public. Hopefully most won’t be negative – or maybe I’m just over thinking this!

The nursery is still an empty room with a stroller in the middle. We first decided on a theme and thought about doing a mural on one wall, but I think we’re leaning toward something simpler. I researched “nursery colors” and muted tones are suggested to create a calm environment. We want to get the beds that grow from crib to twin bed, so it’s going to be expensive.

My mother called three months after our last call, just to see how I was doing. That hasn’t happened in 10 – 15 years! I wondered what she wanted, and eventually she got around to asking about the babies, the real reason for her call, I suspect. I guess my parents have had time to think about it and must want to be part of their lives on some level. It’ll be interesting to see how things turn out.

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Louie said...

How exciting for you two! I hope your surrogate's visit was a pleasant one and that you all had a pleasant Christmas! Good news about your parents calling. Especially since it's them calling YOU out of the blue and not returning one of your phone calls or something like that.

This would lead me to believe that they are indeed having some sort of change of heart experience.

I would say to expect even more changes once the babies are born.

Have a Happy New Year!