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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

At Summer's End

Summer is coming to a close, although it’s still 90 degrees in Denver today. These pictures were taken at a nearby pool a couple weeks ago on a very hot afternoon. The boys still don’t want to go into deep water, but they have fun in the sprayers and the very shallow water. I can sit in the water to keep cool while keeping an eye on them playing, a great way to wear them out and spend a hot summer day. We just reapply sun block often.

The boys are growing and learning to talk, and have learned how to turn down 95% of the food presented to them at meal times. I guess that’s typical, but really, how many crust-less peanut butter and jelly samiches can two little boys eat? Guess we’ll find out. Reid is still ahead in language skills, and I’m surprised almost daily by the new things he says. He’s very observant and repeats as well as any trained parrot.

I’m starting a parenting class tomorrow evening that was recommended by neighbors. It’s a series of five two-hour classes, so I’ll see how it goes. I want so much for my boys, and want to be the best parent possible. I didn’t grow up around many kids since my family was small, and never had cousins with kids or really any point of reference as how to best deal with toddlers other than my memories of how I was raised. My parents were young when they had me, and I was spanked up until about age five. I remember once asking my mom to spank me instead of taking away my bike for a week for some infraction, and she told me no, that I was too big for spanking. At that point I realized that spanking was over with fast, but having privileges taken away hurt more. I was never hit or abused, just properly disciplined in my opinion. We’ve moved well into the discipline stage at this point, and Reid is very familiar with the “naughty spot”. I got that one from “Supernanny”. I’m curious to see how this class goes and what 21st Century parenting ideas they have. Maybe this will give me new blog material!

Full time work still evades me, although I had a quick contract job that I was able to do from home. My partner and I have decided to turn this work I’ve done into a business, so we started a corporation and have a website close to being complete. Neither one of us has ever done this before, but Nick seems very motivated and has the sales talent and connections. If this works out, it could be the perfect solution for us both. Otherwise, I’m continuing with my volunteer work and being a full-time papa.

I’m never thrilled about the changes this time of year from shorts and flip-flops to coats and socks. Winter can seem very isolating, and it’s so hard to endure the dark evenings. But this year the boys will probably have more fun with Halloween and Christmas. I dug through their clothes the other day and they don’t have a single pair of long pants that fit, or even a coat that fits. I picked up a couple pairs of Winter pajamas the other day, but we really need to do some clothes shopping. It takes all four of us together to go find clothes that fit. Like typical boys, they seem to not like trying on clothes. I haven’t figured out what they’ll be for Halloween, but they still keep dragging out their monkey costumes from last year and squeezing into them. Guess we got our money’s worth on those costumes! There is a bright side this Winter. The Farmer’s Almanac says it’s supposed to be warmer and drier than normal, so maybe we’ll still get lots of playground time after all.


Mark said...

You got the boys this far, you don't need a parenting class. I liked your history on spanking. I gave John a swat on the butt the other day because he really made me mad. As soon as I did it, I felt like a fool. He is 10 years old and nearly as tall as I am. It was ridiculous, the whole scene.
Good luck on the business start-up. And let's try to make it through the Winter together. Take your frustrations out on your Blog.
Your Friend, m.

GayDad said...

I figured the class couldn't hurt. I agree with their premise that the earlier you begin discipline, the better off the child will be later in life. You'd think that's a no-brainer, but some of the parenting I've seen in public makes me wonder.

For instance, just yesterday Reid pushed a little girl down at the playground. I immediately apologized for him (he can't do that yet) and made a big deal about not tolerating his action. I swiftly removed him from the playground, took him home, and put him in timeout while his brother got to play outside. Hopefully he got the picture that this behavior won't be tolerated!

There really are situations where I'm not sure exactly what to do, so the class is supposed to just give parents more tools to use. I don't want to be one of those parents who screams at their kids all the time. I've seen those types of parents, and they end up with teenagers who scream back all the time lol!

Ghost said...

Definately you can over-parent a child. They grow up to be neurotic monsters! Sometimes ya just need to let kids be kids.
This is a great blog. keep going with the updates!

Brent said...

Love your posts. You are doing great and I love reading about your life! We hope to be where you are some day. We are trying very hard. It is quite the emotional process. You are blessed. Remember that.

Brent said...

Love your posts. You are doing great and I love reading about your life! We hope to be where you are some day. We are trying very hard. It is quite the emotional process. You are blessed. Remember that.

GayDad said...

Thanks Brent! I've found out from others who've gone through the surrogacy process that we were lucky in that there were no real hicups in the process and everything went exactly as planned, right down to having twins as we wanted. I hope things go as well for you, no matter which route you take to parenthood.