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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Four Month Checkup Time

The boys go in for their four month checkup later this week, but they seem healthy and normal to me. They’ve both begun the teething process, and I’ve asked moms on our block about this since I was clueless. The first thing I noticed was constant drooling, and then they both began sucking on their hands. Each boy has had a couple “bad days” where they seem very irritable, a lot of screaming and crying, etc. We give them these little pills that dissolve on their gums to numb them, then we have teething chew toys, and if all else fails, a little baby Tylenol. I didn’t know this, but the teeth don’t just pop through in a few days. They move up and down in the gums over a period of time before finally popping through, so it just comes and goes from day to day.

We took the boys swimming a couple weekends ago and they really seemed to enjoy it. I bought them swim trunks and special diapers for swimming, then strap on sunglasses. We took them to a kid’s pool in our development that has no deep end, and just held them and moved around in the water for about an hour. By their lack of screaming or crying, I assume they enjoyed it!

The larger twin is still sleeping through the night while the smaller one still gets up for a bottle around 3 a.m. every night! It’s certainly easier than during the first couple months, but I have to wonder when he’ll start sleeping through the night. We definitely see big differences in personality between them, with the larger twin being fairly laid back and independent, and the smaller being much more challenging! I’ve asked other parents if the personalities they saw in their babies translated to their personalities when older, and the answers vary, meaning their personalities could change. They’re definitely getting fun to play with as they now grab things and like direct interaction. One twin likes “peek-a-boo” and is catching on to “gimme five!” while the other shows no interest. It’s amazing how they’ve developed in such a short amount of time.


Tim and Louie said...

WOW! Four months already! Incredible how fast time flies by! In the blink of an eye!

Good to hear the twins are doing great and all four of you are doing excellent!

Keep throwing us a bone every once in a while!

Green Dads said...

You might be able to find a parent & baby swim class at a local Y. They are loads of fun. We took our son to one as a baby and he loves the water.

GayDad said...

Thanks for the tip! I've also heard our city rec centers have baby swim classes, and they're building one a block from our house. I'm sure we'll spend plenty of time in the pool on winter days (it'll have water slides too)

Larry said...

Hello, thanks so much for sharing your experience through your blog. I've taken great pleasure in reading what you have written and it has brought tears to my eyes as I wish to be a parent too and share in the joys, sorrows and late nights that all parents experience.

As I near 40 and after almost two decades of thinking about and desirous of being a parent, I'm moving forward with the process.

As I am just scratching the surface, I'm finding it very daunting and would love any advice and direction. There is so much information and options as well as clinics out there it's hard to "know" which is trustworthy and right for my situation.

If you could please provide some help it would be greatly appreciated.



Best to your family :-)

Anonymous said...

What a great blog. We were so happy to find such a thorough account of what hopefully we will get the chance to go through. We are at the beginning stages of exploring the surrogate option and our heads are spinning. We live in Florida, so there is a hurdle in itself. We have heard about doing it in California, but we don't even know where to begin, or how. I know you are so busy, but perhaps you could give us some advise or recommendations. You seemed to have gone through a pretty good surrogacy. Perhaps you could take a moment and email us at Thanks and again thanks for sharing your experience and congratulations, the boys look so adorable.